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Bowel Disorders

Two videos on IBS / IBD and the subtypes of IBS-C and IBS-D and what you need to know about these very common conditions.

Our board member and Director of the Rome Foundation Research Institute, Dr. Magnus Simren, discusses the role of the gut-microbiome in digestive health.

Douglas Drossman and Johannah Ruddy talk all about constipation and what you can do about it!

Everything you need to know about a very common problem, diarrhea!

Two videos on Opioid Induced Constipation and Narcotic Bowel Syndrome.

How IBS/IBD is diagnosed and treated.

What is post infection IBS and how is it treated? Dr. Drossman answers all your questions.

Centrally Mediated Disorders

Functional Abdominal Pain or Centrally Mediated Abdominal Pain? What is it and how do you treat it?

Dr. Drossman and Johannah Ruddy discuss how IBS can transform into other pain syndromes through the Gut-Brain Interaction.

How stress can affect the GI system and frequently mimics PTSD.

What are the benefits of using central neuromodulators (anti-depressant, anti-anxiety, anti-psychotic agents) to treat GI disorders.

Why has the terminology changed from FGID (Functional GI Diosorder) to DGBI (Disorders of the Gut-Brain Interaction)?

A discussion about gall bladders, the issues that they can cause, and the treatment of those problems.

Communication Skills and Patient Provider Relationship

10 tips for effective patient and provider communication and the benefits of good communication for both parties.

Two sets of videos showcasing how effective communication practices can lead to a better patient-provider relationship and treatment outcomes.

What are the four questions that every doctor and patient should discuss?

Why too many tests can actually be less helpful than you’d think!

The importance of showing empathy when working with patients and a demonstration of what patients should expect when visiting their doctors.

Patient-provider engagement can make for a decidedly different experience for both the patient and provider.

Patients suffering with DGBI are often stigmatized by friends, family and the medical community. What can we do to reduce this and “legitimize” DGBI?

Nonverbal communication can affect the message you are trying to convey for better or for worse!

Two videos that talk about the lasting effect trauma and abuse can have in our lives.

Introducing a new learning tool: Communication 101!

A discussion of different models of medicine and why doctors and patients dealing with DGBI benefit the most from the biopsychosocial model.

Treatment Information and Options

Three videos on the use of neuromodulators in GI.

Explanation of the Brain-Gut Axis and how DGBI can come about.

Special guest, Dr. Olafur Palsson, discusses the benefits of gut-directed hypnotherapy in the treatment of DGBIs.

How to use the GI Genius to diagnose and treat DGBI.

Upper GI Symptoms and Disorders

Two videos on Functional Dyspepsia

Answers to a viewer question on abdomino-phrenic dyssynergia.

How can cyclic vomiting be treated effectively?

What is bloating and what can you do about it?

Information on vomiting and it’s causes and treatment.

Reflux Hypersensitvity and Cannabanoid Hyperemisis Syndrome

Information on Billiary Pain, Gallstones and Sphincter of Oddi Dysfunction.

Two videos discussing Rumination Syndrome.

What is dysphagia and how can it be treated?

Gastroparesis…what it is and how to manage the symptoms.

Pelvic and Anorectal Disorders

Pelvic Floor Disorders can be life altering for many people. Learn what they are and how they are diagnosed and treated.

Information on Dyssynergic Defecation and Constipation.

Straight talk about something very uncomfortable… hemorrhoids!

What is a rectocele and do you need surgery?

The importance of the rectal exam in diagnosing many GI problems.

Medical Personnel

What can you expect from a Physician’s Assistant or a Nurse Practitioner?


Two videos about DGBI in pediatric populations.

Other Medical Topics

Covid-19 can have impacts to your GI health. We talk about how it might manifest and some coping strategies to help you through.


Dr. Drossman and Johannah take you on a tour of our website and show you all that it has to offer!

We’re taking a look at the history of the Rome Foundation and the reasons it was started.

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