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Communication and Patient-Provider Relationship

Understanding the stigma of DGBI’s and communication skills guidelines.

Two videos showing a challenging clinical presentation and how it can be successfully managed.

Johannah Ruddy shares her story of a 10 year transition from severe illness to health and what she learned along the way.

Katie shares the story of her complex road with IBS, gastroparesis, functional dyspepsia and Type 1 diabetes.

Demonstration of an ineffective and effective interview of a patient with IBS.

Demonstrations of Cross-Cultural Communication Techniques.

The journey of a medical resident caring for a patient with abdominal pain and constipation.

Conferences and Lectures

Case studies and a demonstration of the diagnostic toolkit presented at the ACP in 2018.

Mt. Sinai Grand Rounds.

What’s new in the Rome IV criteria.

UCLA Grand Rounds on chronic pain.

A multi-dimensional approach to treating disorders of the gut-brain interaction.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Mt. Sinai Grand Rounds.

Dr. Drossman and Megan Huff, PA-C discuss optimizing the diagnosis and treatment of IBS.

Webinar on IBS and Communication.

An overview of the Rome Foundation’s CME Regional Symposia.

Patient related aspects of addressing personal GI Health with the physician.


The efficacy of gut-directed hypnosis in GI patients.

The Rome Foundation’s psychogastroenterology section presented by Dr. Laurie Keefer.


The Rome Foundation’s opportunities for NP’s and PA’s to learn more about DGBI.

A series of videos that address DGBI and the Rome Foundation.

Honoring Rome Board Members

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