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International Liaison Committee

The Rome Foundation formed an International Liaison Committee to expand our activities globally. The Rome Foundation will be represented by charter committee members Uday Ghoshal, Chair (India), Enrico Corazziari (Italy), Dan Dumitrascu (Romania), Xiucai Fang (China), Carlos Francisconi (Brazil), Shin Fukudo (Japan), Carolina Olano (Uruguay), Max Schmulson (Mexico), and Ami Sperber (Israel), to increase awareness through educational and scientific activities globally in the Eastern European, Middle Eastern, Asian-Pacific, and Latin American geographical regions.

The preliminary aims of the International Liaison Committee are to: a) set up a liaison association with regional organizations, b) advise the Rome Foundation on how to implement our global activities in these regions, c) be the liaisons for such activities in their respective regions d) assist in the global dissemination of Rome materials and activities and e) help the Rome Foundation identify key individuals who could work on Rome Committees. By working together, it is likely that this committee can come up with initiatives to support, advise and promote our global outreach effort.

Uday Ghoshal, MD – Chair


Enrico Stefano Corazziari, MD


Dan L. Dumitrascu, MD


Carlos F. M. Francisconi, MD


Professor Shin Fukudo, MD, PhD


Carolina Olano, MD, M Ed.


Ami D. Sperber, MD, MSPH

Max J. Schmulson W., MD

Max Schmulson, MD

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